A Glance at CW

As a technology-based company, we have created a value model that enables us to deliver ESG and Circular Economy solutions to customer companies and position our partners a long-term growth and success.

– GRS: Global Recycled Standard
– CW SOP: developed by CW mainly focused on critical control of production phases, such as independent temperature/humidity control and batch production quality control
– PRM: Partner Relationship Management
– CFV: Carbon Footprint Verification
– RGBM: Recycling Green Building Materials of Taiwan

Corporate Officers

Neils Chang
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Neils Chang, a PhD in materials science and expert in manufacturing, devotes his technology integration abilities to developing the carbon market and differentiating solutions. On the basis, CW is partnering with suppliers to develop innovative applications and create opportunities.

Under Neils’ leadership, CW combines polymers with nano-materials into a high value-added innovative material that reshapes polymer structures. In addition, introduction of “Partner Relationship Management”, PRM, to supply chain quality management has enabled CW to develop markets of materials of solar power racking systems, transportation, truck bodybuilding, construction, etc.

Neils has a vision of a win-win situation that customers can benefit from CW’s integrated ESG solutions on the basis of continuous innovation in materials.

Kevin Hu
Chief Operating Officer

‘In my 30-year long career, I have had various job positions in different industries, namely junior engineer, project manager, sales representative and general manager. Continuous learning in different industries has improved my ability to provide satisfactory solutions. What has remained unchanged is “My Passion And Creation”. I believe all the experiences will enable myself to create a bright future with my partners at CW and my customers as well.’

Work Experience:

General Manager at Tapbee

VP of Business Development at Habilisnet

Sales Director & Cofounder at Netklass Technology Inc.

Manager & Cofounder at CyberTAN

Design Engineer at ITRI


Master of Electrical Engineering, University of South California

Michel Wu
Director, Marketing and International Business Development

Shihfeng Chang


Primodia Agricultural Co., Ltd.

Work Experience:

Gloria Material Technology Corp.

DuraTek Inc.

Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation

Honoury Awards:

National Quality Awards (Taguchi Methods)

Outstanding Young Engineer in 1988, Chinese Institute of Engineers


PhD of Materials Science and Engineering, National Sun-yat-sen University

Master/Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University


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