Reference Projects:

These Users Have Solved Their Problems by Using Ultra-In

Fences at Solar Power Stations

Solar Power Stations in the Fishery Port in Budai, Chiayi County

  • Locations:
    • Site of the phase I project at the Tourist Center
    • The 3rd parking lot
  • Pain Point:
    • In the coastal environment of CX, the galvanized steel fences faced an unsolvable problem of rust that safety and ugliness have become an issue.
  • Solution:
    • Replacing the galvanized steel by Ultra-In Metal-like products
  • Specifications:
    • Planks of Ultra-In Metal-like: CW-PC06025100/CW-PC06030150
  • Completion Dates
    • The phase I project at the Tourist Center: Jan. 5, 2024
    • The 3rd parking lot: May, 2024
  • Structural Calculation Report:
    • Design wind speed: 42.5m/s (10-min averaged wind speed)
    • Seismic force simulation on the basis of the local conditions in Budai, Chiayi

Phase I Project at the Tourist Center

The 3rd Parking Lot

The old fence: patches of rust appeared all over the galvanized steel

Ultra-In fence has solved the problem of rust

Maintenance Trail at Solar Power Stations

Solar Energy in Aquaculture in Budai, Chiayi

  • Length:
    • About 1 kilometer
  • Pain Point:
    • Maintenance and repair workers operating at height can see the original mesh expanded metal sheets through that was believed to be an safety issue
  • Specifications:
    • Panels of Ultra-In Metal-like: CW-PC06025100/CW-PC06030150
  • Time of Delivery:
    • Feb., 2024

Green Pallets, Transportation

Evergreen Logistics: Winner of ESG Logistics Sustainability Award – Gold Award of 2024

  • Location:
    • A warehouse in Nankan, Taoyuan
  • Requirements:
    • Upgrading services for their customers in terms of sustainability
    • Introducing 3Rs to establish circular economy
  • Specifications:
    • Planks of Ultra-In Metal-like: CW-PC06025100/CW-PC06030100
    • Type: one way
    • Length:120cm
    • Width: 100cm
    • Height: 12.5cm
    • Weight: 20kg
  • Time of Delivery
    • Dec. 2023

Outdoor Decking, Construction Materials

  • Location:
    • A private villa in E-mei Township, Hsinchu
  • Deck Size:
    • About 100 m2
  • Pain Point:
    • Unsolvable wood weathering
  • Specifications:
    • Planks of Ultra-In Metal-like: CW-PC06030150
  • Completion Time
    • Jul. 2023

Rotten Pinewood

Demolition in Process

Same as Woodwork